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VR Subnautica: Diving on an Alien Planet

Subnautica is a game I’ve been hooked on for quite some time. Now with Oculus support there is more reason to play it. The main gameplay consists of collecting and crafting, similar to minecraft, but set mainly underwater within an ocean of an uninhabited (apart from the fishes) alien planet. The immersive nature of this game is it’s biggest selling point.


It all begins as you crash into the ocean, watching you’re only means of escape disintegrate before your eyes. But who cares about civilization when you can swim around in VR looking at pretty things. Especially with perma-death active, it makes every little aspect of the game a little adventure within one massive one. One second you’re happily collecting seed sacks for lube you desperately need in order to build your fancy new submarine. The next, turns out an alien shark has followed you the entire way and you’re dead. It’s great!

The Sack aka Creepvine Seed Cluster
The Sack aka Creepvine Seed Cluster

The best and worst thing about Subnautica though is that it’s still currently in early access and is lacking a multiplayer/co-op feature. Early access can be a benefit as you can actively help development with suggestions and the game gets regular updates so new features are being added, however, the game is a little buggy to say the least. Countless times has the sea floor been generated literally two feet in front me, which I find to be a massive immersion killer and makes view distance completely redundant.

"Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour Christ?"
“Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Jesus  Christ?”

On the topic of multiplayer, the developers have said that the game was originally created to be a co-op game. However, when development started they didn’t implement a multiplayer as they were focusing on gameplay.  I hope this isn’t the case, for their sake. Everything is better with friends.

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