VR RollerCoaster for Cardboard

VR Rollercoaster experiences were some of the first programs available since the tech was conceived, sometimes with hilarious results (hilarity ensues at around 1:25). Now thanks to the low price tag of Google cardboard and an awesome app, anyone can nauseate themselves from the comfort of their living room!

The VR Rollercoaster app takes you on a virtual ride on a high-speed rollercoaster, and somewhat surprisingly does a really good job of simulating the feeling of being on a real rollercoaster. Granted you won’t get the feeling of the wind blasting you, or grasping onto the harness for dear life, but the app does a really good job of tricking your brain into really believing you’re are high up on a rollercoaster, especially with the built-in head tracking.

It’s apps like these that highlight the potential of the VR, bringing experiences that normally require a lot of effort or a day off work etc. and making them conveniently accessible via a smartphone. Granted a phone app will most likely never – at least in the foreseeable future – be able to 100% be able to simulate an actual physical rollercoaster ride, they do a good job of not simulating queue times, ticket costs, travel times etc. etc. The VR ride is only beginning, and I know I for one can’t wait to see what happens next.

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