VR Paranormal Activity

VR Paranormal Activity will give you nightmares!

We’ve all been there, sitting in the cinema watching the latest horror film, thinking to ourselves ‘Why would you do that? Are you a Moron?’ as the unarmed protagonist walks into the spooky house while the friendly neighbourhood axe murderer is on the loose. Well be frustrated no longer because thanks to VR Paranormal Activity you can be that unarmed protagonist and make those stupid decisions for yourself!

The Paranormal Activity VR demo has been revealed and is making everyone who tries it cry for mummy. The game is placed in the same universe as the film series but doesn’t follow any of the films plots. Rather, the player is placed in an empty – or not – 12,000sqft house, and let loose to explore as they please.

VR Paranormal Activity

Naturally, being a horror title things will not quite go to plan, and as you scour the house trying to locate batteries for the world’s most temperamental flashlight, satanic symbols and the voices of small children will be there to greet you. Unlike the cinema, you can’t look away, close your eyes for the scary part, or make for a tactical toilet break. You can obviously remove the headset but that’s just being a bad sport.

No, the real fun of this experience is the terror that fills you as you creep around the house always seeming to be on the back foot. That feeling of helplessness as every ‘sensible’ decision you make only results in the rooms furniture being rearranged when you look away, and footsteps following you down the hall.

The soundtrack also adds a tremendous amount of atmosphere to the experience. It really makes a difference experiencing spatial sound in VR, rather than whilst looking at a flat screen. Couple that with the fact that making decisions whilst knowing you’re being hunted literally makes you shake with adrenaline, VR Paranormal Activity is a truly exhilarating experience that will make you squeal like a baby. Trust me.

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