VR No Man’s Sky could be happening

The gigantic universe of No Man’s Sky, the randomly generated exploration game by Hello games, could be getting VR compatibility.

I’m sure we can all agree that No Man’s Sky would be a perfect fit for the immersive capabilities of VR. Putting to one side the risk of becoming so immersed in No Man’s Sky that we forget to feed ourselves or that the ‘real world’ actually exists, it’s a pretty damn exciting concept. And luckily for us, the founder of Hello Games, Sean Murray, agrees.

No Man's Sky

Talking to IGN Sean expressed that he thinks “VR in general is incredibly exciting. I would say I’m a believer. I have this optimism about it. I really hope everyone gets it right”. Although he did show some concern at the prospect of this whole VR thing being a quick gimmick or fad, much like the serious gaming potential of the Nintendo Wii, saying that he hopes “it finds that killer app” so “everyone ends up needing one”.

Now I know what you’re thinking, why not make No Man’s Sky that killer app Mr developer? And in response to the potential for VR compatibility Murray said “there’s this huge opportunity for playing a game normally but then also being able to have those really intense moments within a game,” and that “being able to find a planet if you really loved and then be able to see it in [VR]. I think something like that would be incredibly cool.”

With the PlayStation VR set to be released in October, and with a more moderate price tag compared to the PC-based competitors at around $400, the likelihood of VR being used not only by the glorious PC master race but also casual everyday console gamers, seems inevitable. And with greater demand comes greater supply, the quality and number of VR titles must surely increase, but will No Man’s Sky lead the way?

Regardless, I’ll just be happy as long as VR isn’t just used for playing tennis with the drunken family at Christmas, sorry Nintendo, you were just too ahead of the times – or something like that.

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