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Vivecraft – VR Minecraft released

Good news for all HTC Vive owning Minecraft fans this week, as Vivecraft, a mod for the glorious PC master race version of Minecraft, has been released. The mod allows full room scale compatibility for everyone’s favourite block based sandbox, as well as support for the HTC Vive’s controllers.

Vivecraft addresses the current VR movement issues by offering a range of movement options, including the current VR go to; teleporting, as well as moving using the Vive controller by walking you in the direction you are pointing (or looking), along with the classic keyboard and mouse. Due to the room scale technology you are also able to move around using your actual legs, which is always a plus.


The mod also supports multiplayer so you can play VR Minecraft with friends on regular servers, although Vivecraft’s creators warn that teleporting by default results in being banned from most servers, so players may have to use the other means of movement on their favourite servers.

In the game itself Vivecraft adds VR features including; allowing players to swing their pickaxe/sword/fish in-game using their real life arm, being able to fire their bow by performing a motion of drawing back the string with the controllers, and allowing the player to scale their in-game size up or down, offering them the rare opportunity to experience Minecraft from the perspective of an NBA player.

The introduction of Room scale technology and VR controls show the distinct advantage that Vivecraft has over the Samsung Gear VR version  of Minecraft released earlier this year, and whilst we’re not quite sure Minecraft is the best game to show off the potential of VR to the masses, it could be an effective VR gateway drug and possibly even cause a spike in HTC Vive sales due to the colossal fanbase.

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