Pokemon Go fails

Top Five Pokemon Go fails (So far)

Pokemon Go. By now it seems everyone is either running around trying to catch their virtual childhood memories or telling those who are to put down the glorified scavenger hunt and play a real game. However if there’s one thing both sides should be able to agree on, it’s that the arrival of Pokemon Go has brought forth a wave of hilarious – although at times quite scary – Pokemon related stupidity. In light of this, we decided to put together a list of our favourite Pokemon Go fails for all to enjoy :


Pokemon Go fails

5. Coming in at number 5 is the story of Michael Baker, A Pokemon trainer from Oregon in the US. Whilst hunting for Pokemon he was stabbed in the shoulder after asking a man if he was also in the Pokemon training business.

The best part, however, is that after being stabbed Baker refused treatment and continued searching for Pokemon. When asked about the ordeal Baker replied “It’s important to me. I gotta basically catch them all.”

Pokemon Go fails
Not all heroes wear capes

4. Next on the list of Pokemon Go fails is Australian man Sonny Truyen, who whilst living in Singapore became rather upset at the fact that his countrymen had access to Pokemon Go at launch, whilst he did not.

He decided to vent his frustration on Facebook writing “You can’t f***ing catch Pokémon in this piece of f***ing shit country”, and that Singapore is filled with “stupid people” and that the national IQ average would fall if he left. He was promptly fired.

Pokemon Go fails
Not the best decision he’s ever made

3. Why did the teenage girl cross the road? apparently to catch a virtual Pokemon.Taking the number 3 spot is Autumn Deiseroth, A 15-year-old girl from Pittsburgh, USA. Whilst playing Pokemon Go she walked out onto four-lane road to catch a Pokemon on the other side.

Unfortunately for Autumn, there were also cars on the road and she was hit by one of them. Luckily she didn’t suffer any serious injuries, but both herself and her mother blame Pokemon Go for the accident, with her mother stating to reporters “Kids don’t just cross the highway for no reason”. While she waits for her Nobel prize for that discovery we hope her daughter makes a speedy recovery.

Pokemon Go fails

2. For number 2 on the list of Pokemon Go fails, the age old question of ‘if your friend told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?’ has been answered, and the answer is yes as long as that friend is actually a virtual Japanese monster. In California this week, firefighters had to rescue two men who fell 75 t0 100ft down an ocean bluff, with a twist.

The men, both in their early twenties, were found to both be playing Pokemon Go at the time, and are suspected to have fallen trying to catch one fo the virtual beasts. Sgt. Rich Eaton of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, felt the need to remind people that “this is a game, it’s not worth your life”. Luckily for the men natural selection did not take place, as they only suffered moderate injuries.

Pokemon Go fails

1. Taking the top spot are a group of teenage lads from the UK, who, most likely fascinated by the outdoors that they had newly discovered, decided that they would climb into an underground cave system to look for Pokemon.

Somewhat unsurprisingly their search came up dry as they failed to find anything but themselves in a pickle, and after searching for a phone signal had to phone the fire brigade to come pick them up. The Box mines, in Hawthorn, Wiltshire, where the lads had gotten lost, covers an area of about 72 sq miles (186 sq km) and are recommended to only enter with the help of a guide.

Pokemon Go fails
The fire brigade after their search

And that’s that. We hope you enjoyed these Pokemon Go fails and let us know if there’s and good ones we’ve missed. Stay safe out there Pokemon trainers, you cant respawn in this level!

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