The Oculus Touch: A Little Late?

The Oculus Touch

The Oculus Touch is Oculus’ response to Steam’s/HTC’s, already available to pre-order, VR wireless controllers. These controllers are what I feel separates the two VR bundles as the Oculus only provides a Xbox controller (even though the oculus touch is basically just a Xbox controller slit into two). Which I think kinda defeats the purpose of having motion controllers in the first place but hey, at least it will be in some way familiar. Not great when you compare the fact the Vive comes with the wireless controllers standard. However, you’d be surprised at how not having motion controllers doesn’t really affect the experience of the VR. I know this sounds obvious but it’s all about the headset, how you interact with the game is quite minor as long as it feels good.

play with some shapes

Be inspired by these guys playing with blocks like toddlers adults

The oculus touch will simulate having your hands within the game allowing for a more immersive experience to the user. Simulating the action of picking things up and just generally having hands (albeit hands that require two analog sticks and a few buttons in order to fully function). The only issue being no feedback, if I pick something up in game, I want to feel it in my hands. The whole notion of having my hands in the game is trying to make me feel like I’m there but I can’t FEEL anything, just pretend to stroke some cubes and throw them at my friends *sigh*.

the oculus touch aka broken xbone controller

Unfortunately, The Touch is still unconfirmed at the moment as its currently not authorized by the Federal Communications Commission and Oculus states that the Touch might actually never see daylight (doubt it). However, I can’t see them handing a victory to their competitors. I just hope it doesn’t come in at another hefty price tag, I think our wallets have taken enough of a beating for a while, courtesy of Oculus and HTC.

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