Spellbound: Become a Wizard

Spellbound is a first-person VR game. It uses the leap motion controller with the Oculus Rift DK2 to allow you to actually perform the casting of spells with your hands. A video of the first alpha gameplay footage was released from the developer. Showing exactly what it’s like to play the game in this first person setting and how the VR equipment truly allows you to enter into the virtual world as a wizard in this magical game.

Eric Nevala (Developer of Spellbound) has created a world where you’re walking in a wizards shoes, who is currently attempting to bring back his wife from the dead by dealing with the dark arts. The wizard, in the process, resurrects many a corpse, alongside his revived wife. The type of spells able to be performed is quite intriguing as from the video the first spell conjured is the fireball, casting this by using a specific hand movement in real life unlocks more abilities as you play through the game.

Not only does using the Leap Motion peripheral allow natural hand movements to cast spells but the speed and distance of your hand movements when performing the spells will determine how fast your spells our cast and the trajectory of your conjuring.

Dream of holding a pet bird? Spellbound’s got you covered!

There has been a rumour to worry about how the first person situation may cause a time limit for some when playing the game, however, VR sickness will not affect all, and with a time limit or not, I’m sure those affected will still be dying to pick up Spellbound once it is released. The excitement to conjure magic with your own hands is too strong!

The release date for Spellbound is said to be March/April time, the small indie team  that is currently based in Seattle are attempting to release the game coinciding with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive release dates.

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