SelfieTennis was released by the Copenhagen-based team VR Unicorns. The original idea was to be able to be immersed into a sport through VR. However, the team decided to add much more to SelfieTennis by creating an interactive environment.  What interesting things can you do with a tennis court environment you may ask? Well firing tennis balls at the crowd (the crowd being giant tennis ball headed people) to kill them is certainly one great interaction. And as you may have noticed from the title, you can take selfies. Clearly added in to fulfil the young teenagers need to take pictures of their animated self. Other mini games and small interactions were added to the game, making this game a great mixture of exploration and sports. The more you play the more you will find.


Welcome to your hovering SelfieTennis court

SelfieTennis was not made as an accurate simulation of tennis, so to all the tennis players out there this may not be your game if you want to ruin your swing. This game was made for likes of us who will be swinging the controllers willy-nilly and praying it doesn’t hit the net. The game was not made to be easy, however, as there is still technique required but the learning curve is not too great making it playable and fun for the majority of people. Tennis pro or not though the game is fun and experiments with the temperament of your competitive side making it a good laugh.


“OMG let me take a selfie!”

One word of warning, we have all seen the videos of people throwing Wii controllers at the TV screen, the same is said for this, the controllers have wrists guard so be sure to wear them before your mother’s favourite vase is broken.(whoops)

SelfieTennis is currently priced at £14.99 on steam but you can get the game (CHEAPER!!!) through us via G2A with this link!

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