VR bedtime stories for separated families

A slight change of pace from the action packed gaming titles VR is becoming known for, Samsung has revealed their plans to use their own Gear headset as an alternative to long distance skype calls between kids and their parents through VR bedtime stories.

Although there are bound to be skeptics who don’t believe that VR bedtime stories could substitute the actual reading of a bedtime story – and they may well have a point – the program was designed with the fact in mind that around 1 in 3 parents can’t be with their children at bedtime. This could be due to a multitude of reasons, but what the app seeks to provide is an alternative to simple¬†phone calls or skype calls.

The app uses a Samsung Gear on the parent and a google cardboard, optionally decorated as one of the characters from the story, on the child. the app then proceeds to use 3 characters : Jen the Penguin, Dan the Dinosaur and finally Robot Jo. The 3 characters take the users to the arctic, prehistoric earth and space respectively.

Although the app is only available to a few select families for testing, and there is no release date for a consumer version, you can still watch the story on a 360-degree youtube video here.


The app is a part of a larger Samsung initiative called Launching People, which is an initiative “designed to help consumers unleash their potential and create meaningful change through the use of Samsung technology.” IE make VR useful to more than just zombie killers.

The whole concept is a great example of thinking outside the box, so to speak, and also of how big of an impact VR is going to have on everyday life. At the moment, the animation is rather primitive, with the parent appearing as a purple blob, but combine this idea with kids favorite characters, and I would imagine you’ve got yourself one happy toddler.

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