DayZ’s Rocket Releases ‘Out of Ammo’ New FPS Strategy

Yes I know, you’ve probably still got a bad taste in your mouth from the whole DayZ Standalone debacle over the last couple years, and having bought the game on the day of release, I can say I wholeheartedly feel your pain. I get it, the prospect of a new early access title from Rocketwerkz – Dean Hall’s new company – may not sound too appealing. But believe me when I say Out of Ammo may just be the metaphorical breath mint we all need.

Out of Ammo is a strategy game where the player is in command of a group of soldiers and tasked with defending a point. There are 5 classes of soldier, each equipped with their own weapon;

  • Rifleman – Automatic rifle requiring a manual reload
  • Sniper – Bolt action sniper rifle, believe it or not. Comes with scope but currently cannot be zoomed in.
  • Rocketeer – Kind of like the soldier from TF2, but has a big single shot rocket launcher
  • Medic – Comes with a pistol, but the main function is to heal the other soldiers
  • Engineer – Like the medic but instead of healing players builds and repairs structures
Out of Ammo
Pew Pew

The player places the soldiers in strategic positions and then can ‘possess’ them for a first person shooter element. This mode is limited by an ammo counter, which when depleted places the unit on a 30-second cooldown, forcing the player to rely on strategy rather than just shooting prowess. The shooting is honestly really well done and responsive, just like DayZ, right?

Terrible jokes aside, Out of Ammo’s shooting feels – and looks –  more like Unturned than DayZ, but don’t let that put you off, what really makes Out of Ammo shine is its unique gameplay. As we saw in Hover Junkers, reloading in VR titles is no longer a matter of pushing a button, with the player needing to almost act out the removing of the magazine, and grabbing a new one out of their pocket before slamming it back in.

Aaaaaand they’re gone

The strategic controls are also really well done, with the players camera being above the battlefield relative to the position of their Vive headset. From here you can use your hands to place units, give build orders, and call in artillery using the intuitive controls.

Although the game only currently has 4 ‘environments’ to defend, it is still a lot of fun and well worth a look at. And who knows, maybe this early access title will ACTUALLY GET FINISHED. Heh, not that I’m still salty or anything.

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