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Raw Data – Action packed Vive shooter tops Steam

In promising news for the VR world this week Raw Data has shot to number 1 on the steam bestsellers list, despite a larger price tag than most VR titles. The sci-fi shooter/slasher/Jedi-simulator is price at $40 (£30) although is discounted by 20% until the 22nd of July.

Produced by Survios studios, the game itself is probably the most AAA VR title to date, featuring stunning visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4 as well as a massive range of intuitive features. The game is set in the year 2271, where a massive corporation controls the world and is planning some downright mean things, it is down to you the player to slice, dice and shoot your way through their poor robot guards to get into their headquarters and bring them down once and for all.

Raw Data
Pew Pew

While yes we agree this is unlikely to win any awards for writing anytime soon, it’s not supposed to as Raw Data is all about the gameplay. Utilising Room scale technology as well as using the Vive controllers for things like reloading, the game is really immersive. Although this is nothing new in the VR world, what is new is the depth of features, such as different characters with different weapon specialisations – including the obligatory light-katana guy, because let’s face it, no Sci-Fi VR title is complete without a lightsaber.

Just to give you an idea of how much content here’s a small list of features, straight from the Steam page : 9 different enemy types, bullet time, telekinesis, sword throwing, rapid fire, levitation, charged shots, holster up and pull weapons off your body, pump shotguns, draw and fire explosive arrows, dual wield pistols, hurl grenades, slash and slice katanas, deflect projectiles. You get the idea, and it all looks beautiful. Oh, and did I forget to mention it has online co-op!

Raw Data
Unreal graphics right? sorry, I’ll see myself out . . .

Not only does Raw Data sound good on paper, it’s actually receiving great feedback from critics and users alike, with many believing that it’s a cut above – sorry- the competition. With more features planned in the ambitious roadmap, it can only get better.

Have you played Raw Data yet? What do you think about it?

One thought on “Raw Data – Action packed Vive shooter tops Steam

  1. Amazing game, the best VR title I’ve played yet, and a cure-all against those that say VR is nothing but casual titles. Can’t wait to see where they take it.

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