Racing In VR: Project Cars

Project Cars is a AAA racing simulation game that was released initially in May 2015 and has been recently added be one of the 30 Oculus Rift VR launch titles. Good news for anyone who loves their racing games. The new VR support lets you experience the game truly how it was meant to be; realistically. With a wide range of cars and even karts the VR lets you feel like you’re really behind the wheel.


Next-gen graphics, authentic handling, playable via Oculus Rift and 12K Ultra HD resolution

When it comes to realism Project Cars is a real gem with realistic sounds; tires wearing and losing grip over time; changes in atmospheric temperature (actually making a difference!!); and a dynamic weather system; lighting changing depending on the time of day; and use of real  life tracks. And boasting 35 different locations and 110 track layouts. The largest track roster of any recent racing game to date.


The only issue that I have heard of with Project Cars is motion sickness. This is mainly caused by sudden changes in speed and crashing. But is also caused by the track banking, going up and down hills and the lack of detection of your head moving forwards and back can cause problems for people.

In conclusion, I believe Project Cars to be a fantastic realistic racing experience even without the VR capabilities. For those who are able to play without issues, they will find it to be a breath of racing sim fresh air and an exciting step in modern racing games. Those unable to use VR with the game will still find it to be a compelling racing game that brings a lot to the table.

Project Cars is available on steam for £39.99 or get it (CHEAPER!!) through us on G2A :

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