Oculus responds to Revive Patch

While many HTC Vive owners are rejoicing learning that they could use an unofficial patch to play Oculus exclusives on their own headsets, Oculus may be about to urinate on their metaphorical bonfire. Two days after learning about the Revive patch released on Github last Wednesday, Oculus released a statement saying : “This is a hack, and we don’t condone it” and that “Users should expect that hacked games won’t work indefinitely, as regular software updates to games, apps, and our platform are likely to break hacked software.”

However some users, including the creator of Revive – a Redditor by the name of CrossVR – still have faith, citing that Oculus haven’t stated any intention to actively break the patch, or make any sort of moves against the patch itself.

“Of course they can’t condone it, that would mean they’d have to actively support the Revive project, which is completely outside their control. But from that reaction it doesn’t seem they’ll actively try to prohibit it either.” said CrossVR on Reddit. ” They’re Worried people may buy games expecting them to work on the Vive and they may get disappointed. Especially if I can’t keep feature parity with the Oculus SDK, Which is what the comment about future updates is about.”

He continued; “This is exactly the reason why, for the first version of Revive, I chose to only actively support two games you could get for free in the Oculus store” what a cool guy.

It is perhaps beneficial for Oculus to adopt this stance as currently VR users are a small dedicated customer base, whom upsetting could cause severely damaged sales, especially with a readily available alternative. Seeing as Oculus has already been accused of trying to pull the wool over fans eyes, when they said they were waiting on Valve to enable cross-platform compatibility – until Valve said that the tools needed had always been readily available – they may be walking a PR tightrope.

What happens to the Revive project with coming updates we shall see, until then enjoy your cross platform games while you can!

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