VR Funhouse

NVidia’s VR Funhouse shows off stunning VR visuals

This week Nvidia have released their first showcase for the potential of VR in the form of Nvidia’s VR Funhouse, a, erm, carnival funhouse simulator! The game offers the player a handful of fun mini-games  which – as you might expect – show off some of if not the best graphics seen in VR to date.

There are seven mini-games in total, from the classic carnival game ‘Whack a mole’, to spraying clowns with green goo in glorious VR. The other mini-games in the VR carnival include; mole boxing (PETA?), shooting flaming arrows at a target, target shooting with revolvers, skeet shooting and finally cutting balloons to pieces with a sword.

VR Funhouse
Masochistic moles

Now obviously the VR Funhouse which is being given away for free on steam isn’t exactly the AAA title that’s going to shake up the gaming world, but it does an incredibly good job of showing what that title may look like. Making use of cool Nvidia physics such as VRWorks and HairWorks, the VR Funhouse looks incredible, showing that top quality VR graphics are attainable with present day gaming rigs, even if this is only a very small scale.

It’s really hard to describe the Quality of the visuals without comparing them to real life, although it doesn’t go for a photo realism artstyle, the visual effects of things like light shining off the swords and guns, as well as the fire physics combined with the previously mentioned Nvidia physics all come together to provide an eyegasmic experience.

VR Funhouse

Whilst it would be easy to point out that this is but another WiiSports-esque minigame and that big titles may still be way off in the future – or not as Raw Data shows – let’s not forget that Nvidia never usually makes this type of thing and whilst entertaining, the VR Funhouse was never meant than more than Nvidia saying ‘look at how excited we are about this whole VR deal’. The VR future is looking bright!

Have you been to the VR Funhouse? What did you think?

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