Huawei VR Revealed

Today Chinese phone giant Huawei has announced they are making their own VR headset, and after years of a painstaking naming process, have decided to call it ‘Huawei VR’ – original, right? The headset itself is essentially a Samsung Gear clone where users put their phones behind the lenses to enjoy a more budget VR experience.


The only major difference between the Huawei VR and the Gear being that the Huawei VR is made with their flagship model the P9, P9 plus and Mate 8 phones in mind, whereas – believe it or not- ┬áthe Gear is made for the Galaxy models. What this means, however, is that the Gear will have the edge – if you’ll pardon the pun – thanks to the Galaxy s7’s ‘QuadHD’ display.

This is nothing to do with the actual headsets,though, and Huawei has announced that the Huawei VR will be the first mobile VR headset to offer 360-degree sound. What this means, in (actual) reality, is still relatively unknown, however, as the Gear also offers ‘spatial audio’. So either the guys over at Huawei didn’t get the memo or they are actually bringing something new to the table.

Despite the fact that the Gear would seem to have the upper hand on paper, the competition for either firm is nothing to really worry about as the Huawei VR will be targeting the fast-growing Chinese market , whereas Samsung will be focusing on its established consumer bases in South Korea, the US, and Europe.

It’s not all bad for Huawei though, with the Chinese headset coming loaded with over 40 free games and 4000 free videos, as well as other free content such as virtual tours, and panoramic images.

The Huawei VR is yet to have a price tag or a release date, but regardless it’s great to see VR expanding all over the world.

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