Hover Junkers : VR optimised FPS Madness!

Ever found yourself wanting to shoot your friends? Or maybe just random people on the internet? Well now, thanks to Hover Junkers, VR’s first FPS title, you can do exactly that without spending the remainder of your life in a federal institution!without spending the remainder of your life in a federal institution!

Hover Junkers
Because who doesn’t want to drive-by their friends. Right?

The game is set in a Mad-Max-esque universe and involves players creating their own hover junkers – aptly named hovercraft’s covered in junk to provide cover from the opposing trigger happy mercs – and then proceeding to fly around the map, trying to blast each other in a TDM and collect more junk to slap on the ship.

Although the game concept is relatively simple, what really makes this title shine is the fact that it was built from the ground up to incorporate VR. The HTC Vive’s room-scale technology allows the player to create a ship proportional to their room size, and while this may give a slight disadvantage to anyone who happens to have their Vive set up in a broom closet, by making the edge of your playing space the edge of your ship in game , the risk of concussion via running into a wall is greatly reduced.

What are you pointing at?

The Vive controllers are also made good use of, with your virtual hands being used for everything from pouring yourself a drink in the pre-game lobby, using junk to build additional defences, and most importantly, flipping off your opponents – or allies for that matter. Your revolver is reloaded by stroking the Vive’s touchpad in a circular motion to simulate reloading the individual bullets, before snapping the cylinder back into place by swinging the controller to the side.

The Vive also tracks the players movement, meaning that as you fly around your living room/broom closet, so does your character. Crouching behind the cover you made, running across your ship, or black ops style ‘dolphin diving’ to prone will all be registered in-game, meaning that Hover Junkers is really the first of the VR gaming titles that are influenced by physical prowess.

Hover Junkers

Features like these despite being predicted since VR’s conception, are still set to really shake up the gaming world. Not only by encouraging healthier playing habits, but also requiring players to stay cool under pressure to complete certain in-game actions. With Hover Junkers gone are the days where you can just spam R to reload, but mastering something as simple as that will give you an advantage over opponents – and make Clint Eastwood proud.

Hover Junkers is available at the Steam store for just $35, so if you’re feeling tempted, go ahead, it might just make your day.

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