DICE interested in VR title

Mirrors Edge/Battlefield/Battlefront developers DICE have announced that they are interested in producing a VR title. However don’t be expecting any of your favorite titles to be heading to VR  anytime soon (except Battlefront for the PSVR later this year) because they’ve also said that they would only be interested in making a new title with VR support from the ground up.

When asked if they’d ever considered a VR version of Mirrors Edge, DICE’s lead producer of the title, Amo Mostofi, said “I think this game has so much potential, it’s the best and worst, but from our end, we never looked at Mirrors Edge as a VR Vessel.”

“I think if we are ever going to do anything with VR, we would want to build something specifically for VR.”

Mirrors Edge Catalyst’s lead designer Erik Odelshal reinforced Mostofi’s thoughts ; “As a studio it’s definitely something we’re looking at. I think the important thing here is that VR is such a different thing. I mean if we do it, we should do it right. So it’s going to take research and it’s going to take a proper implementation for it.”


Further proof that DICE is interested in the VR world is that they are advertising for VR designers to work with their Frostbite engine, indicating that they might already have something in the pipeline.

DICE, owned by EA – now not the worst company in America – could shake up the VR market. The introduction of such a big, experienced, and well-funded game developer into the young, indie dominated the world of VR could quickly bring more AAA titles and competition.

Darth Vader, the CEO of EA. I think.

So even though we’re not going to be running around on virtual skyscrapers anytime soon, which is probably beneficial to the health of living room ornaments everywhere anyway, we can all look forward to some AAA VR action sometime in the future. That’s good enough for me.

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