Defuse Bombs With A Friend in VR

Keep talking and nobody explodes is a brilliant concept where you work together in a pair in order to defuse a bomb. The only problem being that only one of you has the ability to see the bomb and interact with it whilst the other has the instructions on how to defuse the damn thing. As you can imagine it’s a hilarious party game and a brilliant time waster. If you’re one of those lucky people to have an Oculus kit to hand (and not waiting until august) then I  recommend you go get this game now!! There is no better experience than shouting at your friends.

keep talking and nobody explodes defuse

This is a bomb, you’ll defuse it.

You may have noticed I specifically said Oculus, that’s because this game currently doesn’t have support for the HTC Vive. But have no fear, all you big spenders that own the Vive will soon be able to play this game in VR as it has been announced that they will be providing compatibility with the Vive soon. However, if you’re in a rush to try this on your nice shiny new Vive then you can access the beta support using Steam’s betas tab.

keep talking and nobody explodes 2

The game I’ve been talking about, keep up!

However, if you are like me and too poor to own either of the fancy headsets that require a small fortune to buy, have no fear! You are able to play this game without a VR headset just fine. And the game works wonderfully without any real negative apart from full immersion. As long as you’re friends have a sense of humor, you’ll have a blast! (pun fully intended).

If you would like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes you can buy it on steam for £10.99 or get it through us (FOR LESS!!!) on G2A via this link. (It helps us out)

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