Audioshield: AudioSurf For VR

Audioshield is probably the first game you should consider when you pick up a HTC Vive. It nails every aspect of VR without any major issues. And most importantly, it demonstrates the Vives trump card; Room scaling. The main gameplay consists of shielding yourself form giant orbs that attack you to the sound of your music. This works in the same way that AudioSurf and other games, such as (flashing screen simulator) Beat Hazard work.

Pop Those Balls

This leads to my reasoning for pointing Audioshield¬†as a must buy for new VR gamers. Replay-ablity and initial low intensity. Basically this is a game you probably expect to play whenever you’re bored or just want something to do for a few minutes of time to kill time. And also its not throwing yourself at the deep end of VR which, unfortunately, can cause all sorts of issues. Motion sickness being the most obvious. Instead you can progressively subject yourself to harder levels and there isn’t too much going on at once.

Audioshield 2
The old classic.

Most of us will already be familiar with AudioSurf but for those that don’t know. AudioSurf was the first game to have music dictate gameplay. Depending on the tempo throughout the song, the game would generate a level. Which generally meant that the faster the song, the harder the level. But the true beauty of AudioSurf was that you could put your own personal music collection into the game and play a level that was created by any song you felt like listening to.


If you would like to purchase AudioSurf you can get from steam for £14.99 (here) OR get it through us at a cheaper price through G2A (here)

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